MARKETING: For the Staging + Design Industry

MARKETING: For the Staging + Design Industry


Do you struggle to attract clients?
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 
In a world where everyone is vying for your marketing dollars, where should you spend them? 
What marketing efforts pay off? Where should you start?
Begin with this book. 

MARKETING: For the staging + design industry is a great read for any stager, decorator or designer who wants to attract more clients. The marketing experts in this book have been pivotal in growing their industries, with educational training, coaching, and many with staging and decorating businesses that have succeeded using the methods they share within these pages. 

From across North America they share their knowledge on branding, sales funnels, marketing plans, building confidence, becoming an expert with visibility, pricing, packaging and presenting, along with the many methods to attract the ideal client. 
Gain valuable insights with this priceless guide and begin creating your marketing strategy for achieving a profitable business within today’s design industry!

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