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For Sale: Update the Curb Appeal of Your Home

For Sale: Update the Curb Appeal of Your Home

As the housing market continues to bounce back, it is becoming more and more competitive for sellers. Help your home sell faster by captivating buyers at first glance with impeccable curb appeal. Here are seven ways you can make your house stand out from the competition:

Groom the Garden

Unless there’s snow on the ground or it is dead winter, there is no reason your landscape shouldn’t be lush and colorful. Incorporate color with annual plants, planting them throughout the yard as well as in window boxes and in pots flanking the front door. Landscape designer Sherri Silver recently told that planting artificial flowersis never acceptable. If it’s too cold for plants to survive, Silver recommends adding fresh mulch to garden beds to brighten them up. Be sure to pull any weeds and get rid of any dead leaves and debris before your first showing.

Think Like a Buyer

In order to make your home memorable for buyers, you have to think like one. Inspect the exterior of your home with a critical eye, making a list of anything that doesn’t look as good as it could. Are you missing a few roof tiles? Is your landscaping covered in dead leaves and debris? Does the front door look dull? Make note of anything that needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Update Lighting

A well-lit yard changes the welcoming aura of a house. Take an inventory of your landscape lighting including replacing any bulbs and cleaning the fixtures to ensure your lighting scheme is balanced and polished. If extreme weather has gotten the best of your fixtures, replace them with new outdoor lights at Kichler Superstore, which offers a variety of styles including path lights and wall-mounted lanterns. Create a few focal points with lighting, drawing attention to the front door and landscape features such as a unique tree or sculpture.

Replace Front Door

The front door sets the stage for whether or not buyers feel welcomed into your home. If your door is over 10 years old or has excessive wear and tear, now is the time to upgrade to a new door. Opt for a steel, fiberglass or solid wood door. Online, Fox News real estate experts note that it’s best to choose a new door that conveys a sense of security, which is an important selling point for home buyers.

Refresh House Numbers

Replace your house numbers if they are difficult to read, dingy or faded. Consider hanging them in a different spot where they will be more visible. If a potential buyer has trouble finding your house because they can’t see the house number, you may have a strike against you from the start. When selecting new numbers, consider the style of your home and get numbers that complement that style.

Wash Windows

Sparkling clean windows are a must when welcoming potential buyers into your home. If hiring a professional isn’t in your budget, you can mimic their technique to get similar results. You’ll need a bucket of hot water, a window scrubber, various sizes of squeegees, liquid dish soap and a few surgical towels. Surgical towels are better than other towels because they are lint-free, highly absorbent and won’t leave streaks. Check out the Family Handyman window washing guidefor step-by-step advice and tips.

Clean the Driveway

Sweep dirt and debris from your driveway and hose it off using the highest spray setting. If it still looks stained, rent a pressure-washing machine to scour away stains and refresh the look of your driveway.

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