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Decorating Your Home on A Budget

Decorating Your Home on A Budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your end result will show it. It’s all in how you spend those budgeted dollars that will determine your outcome. A splash of color here, a creative solution there, a re-furbished flea market find over there, and a grouping of inexpensive wall art on a focal wall and viola − you decorated your home on a reasonable budget.

Pop of Color

Wall paint is the least expensive and most impacting thing you can use when decorating your home. Use a bold color somewhere in each room to tie the room’s décor together. Pull a bold color from a favorite item in the room, like an area rug, throw pillow, or painting, then use that bold paint color on one accent wall or wall trim for that pop of color every room needs. If you’re really adventurous, paint the entire room a bright bold color and use that paint color elsewhere in the home to create a flow as you move from room to room. Remember, paint isn’t just for walls − paint the ceiling, a chair, mantle, or side tables for a budget-friendly room or furniture update.

Use Creative Solutions

Re-purposing items is great way to help stretch your home decorating budget farther. Take a walk through your home and look at pieces from a new perspective. You’ll be able to creatively solve a storage or decorating problem without spending big bucks. An old night stand can be transformed into a side table; a dresser can become a dining room sideboard or entryway storage. An old book shelf is perfect for new bathroom storage shelves. The kitchen and attic (or basement) are typically the best places to find items to re-purpose. If you need more lighting, anything can be transformed into a lamp with an inexpensive lamp kit. Be willing to experiment and think outside the box.

Hit the Flea Market

Take your dollars to a local flea market and trade them in for household treasures. Anything you could imagine (and some things you never imagined) can be found at flea markets for a fraction of what they cost new. Browse early on Saturday mornings for the best home furnishing selections or late Sunday afternoon for the best deals. You’ll find everything from curtains, curtain rods, and finials to sofas, rugs, and the kitchen sink, all at bargain prices. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual items that can be re-purposed for use in your home décor.

Fun Wall Art

Wall art can be as inexpensive as colorful pages cut from a magazine, framed, and hung together as a grouping on one focal wall. The designer trick to this wall art tip is to make groupings of similar things or colors. Mount and frame grandma’s dollies or handkerchiefs and hang them in an eye-pleasing grouping as sentimental, inexpensive wall art. Create a grouping display of your child’s sports awards and pictures or dry some blooms from your flower garden and display them in a group of shadow boxes.

Use the same display grouping tip for table tops, shelves, and mantels. A group of anything similar will beckon the eye and add interest to a room, even a grouping of antique cheese graters or milk glasses, and the cost will come in under budget when used to decorate your home on a budget.

Today’s guest post is written by Selena Marimba. Selena Marimba is an entrepreneur who writes articles on hiking, thrifting, organization, budgeting, and earning her project management degree online.

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