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Creating More Demand for Your Listing with FL Real Estate Agent Kristina Mollo | The Home Staging Show Season 8 Episode 6

Creating More Demand for Your Listing with FL Real Estate Agent Kristina Mollo | The Home Staging Show Season 8 Episode 6

Creating More Demand for Your Listing with FL Real Estate Agent Kristina Mollo. The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 8.6.

On the show today, I have real estate agent Kristina Mollo on the show and we talk about the process of both buying and selling a home, and what today’s buyers are looking for. When it comes to selling real estate, whether you are a home stager, a real estate agent or a home seller, it is important to understand what today’s buyers are looking for and how they think. Having worked on both buyer’s and seller’s side, Kristina knows what today’s buyers are looking for and understands the importance of putting the home’s best foot forward when it comes to selling real estate.

During the show, we discussed how to make listings stand out, leveraging social media, ways to create demand for your listings and what makes great homes hard to sell.

On today’s show, here are some of the stuff we discussed:

  • Hey Kristina, thank you so much for coming on the show. Before we get started, can you tell us a little bit about your background and what type of work do you do as a real estate agent?

  • What is your real estate market like?

  • I think a lot of people have misconceptions on how easy it is to be a real estate agent. Can you talk about your own marketing process to get new listings and new clients?

  • I know you work a lot with buyers. What are today’s buyers looking for?

  • Is having a turn key property important to today’s buyers?

  • What are some of the deal breakers for buyers today?

  • How do buyers negotiate when it comes to the price of the home? What are some of the common things that will make a buyer say “ah, this would be a good opportunity for us to ask for a lower sales price?”

  • Do you see a different reaction with your buyers when they see a staged home vs an unstaged home?

  • Some people argue that staging can be misleading for buyers, as a buyer’s agent, how do you feel about that?

  • What is the process of listing a home like?

  • As a listing agent, how do you determine the best marketing strategies for your listings?

  • How do you create more demand for your listings?

  • I really love your open house doormat, which I’ll post a picture on our show notes. I reposted your doormat on our Instagram and Facebook. People had been asking where did you get those made?

  • What are some of the common mistakes home sellers make when they are selling their homes?

  • What are some of your top tips to help sellers to get their homes ready for market?

  • When there are many real estate agents in the market, how does a home seller go about to hire the right one for them?

  • What is the number one tip you will give to home sellers when it comes to selling their homes?

Welcome Mat Mentioned On the Show


It was made by a gal who Kristina follows on Instagram. Her name is Courtney and you can follow her at @PoppyJackShop. She does everything calligraphy! From Wedding stuff to home decor to customized pieces. She’s amazing! Located in SoCal. Shop her Etsy store.

About Kristina Mollo

Hey there, I'm Kristina!

I like to call myself the Home Matchmaker because of my experience in the Wedding industry.

Diving into Real Estate, in early 2017, was a big step after previously spending over 6 years working in the Event Planning Industry. As the lead Weddings and Events Sales Manager for Big City Catering, a boutique style company based in Central Florida, I felt it was time for something new! Real Estate seemed like the obvious option. Having dealt with 100’s of Brides and Grooms, I found a way to bond with each person I met in a unique way. Charisma, patience, and professionalism are key especially when working in a highly emotional sales process (including buying a home for the first time!)

I have always had a passion for people, home design, and much love for Central Florida. Having lived all over the region for the past 10 years, I am thrilled to be able to show my clients around a place so special to me.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me on at the dog park with my pup, Maisey, traveling to Sarasota to visit my family, or exploring the town with my fiancé, Jon (we LOVE the historic feel of Downtown Mount Dora + Downtown Sanford)!

I look forward to being not only a knowledgeable resource for home buyers + sellers but a friend that can walk them through this exciting process. I can't wait to learn more about you!

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