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Styling Homes with Antiques, Bold Accessories, and Other Treasures with Kate Dawson | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 5

Great design and a beautiful home should be accessible for everyone. Whether you want to do a quick refresh of a room or you want to completely overhaul your home, there are ways to make things feel fresh and new without emptying out your bank account. Today’s guest has some great tips for creating high-end, fun, and intriguing interiors on a budget.

Kate Dawson is an interior designer who specializes in making homes look like a million bucks at a fraction of the price. Kate works with her clients to make sure their home brings them a sense of joy and excitement without breaking the bank.

What to Say to Homeowners When Marketing Your Home Staging Business

On this second episode of the special mini series, Marketing Your Home Staging Business, I shared 5 tips on preparing what to say when you are marketing to homeowners on a live stream on Instagram.

In these 5 tips, I covered what not to say in front of homeowners, what are some of the common myths homeowners may have about home staging and how to market to a large group of people quickly without investing a great deal of money.

What to Say to Real Estate Agents When Marketing Your Home Staging Business

On this first episode of the special mini series, Marketing Your Home Staging Business, I shared 5 tips on preparing what to say when you are marketing to real estate agents on a live stream on Instagram. In these 5 tips, I covered what not to say in front of a real estate agent, different meeting scenarios with realtors, plus, what motivates real estate agents to work with you.

I also answered people questions live during the live stream on Instagram, such as:

  • Is now a good time to start a home staging business?

  • I am not ready to start my home staging business, but would you recommend me start networking with agents?

  • How do you convince realtors to work with you?

  • How can I start a home staging business?

Effective & Engaging Ways to Market Your Home Staging Business with Kate the Socialite | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 4

When you’re running a home staging business, it can feel like a million and one things are happening on any given day. Between networking with real estate agents, arranging stagings and professional photos, liaising with clients, and managing your team, it can feel like adding marketing to the list is overwhelming. Social media posts, email lists, and marketing then often fall to the bottom the bottom of your to-do list. But our guest, Kate the Socialite, is here today to talk about how to make your marketing effective, engaging, and efficient - so you can build your business successfully without spending countless hours on marketing.

Kate and I had a great conversation about how home stagers and other home professionals can bring more ease to their marketing and more clients in the door. We talk about how she found her niche and how she helps clients do the same, why social media shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy, and why your email list is one of the most important things you’ll build in your business. We also chat about marketing trends and what home professionals need to know about SEO and standing out in their local market.

Masterclass on Choosing Colors for Staging & Selling with Color Expert JoAnne Lenart-Weary | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 3

Color is one of the most essential aspects of home staging and interior design, and lucky for us we have a total rockstar with us on the podcast today to talk about all things color.

JoAnne Lenart-Weary is a Professional Interior Decorator and 40 year industry veteran who was staging and redesigning before the terms were even coined. She's also the creator of many industry tools such as the Confident Consultation, Decorating in the Zone, the Confident Color System, the DIY series and How to Decorate and Stage. She believes in arming you with information you can implement with a client immediately.

JoAnne delivers a total masterclass on choosing colors, color saturation, picking the right lighting, and so much more. We talk about why color is such a powerful presence in our lives and thus such an important tool for home stagers and designers to wield well. JoAnne and I also get into detail about which paints she prefers and how she picks them, her thoughts on different paint finishes, and why you shouldn’t be scared to bring color into your staging.

Luxury Home Staging Design & Clientele Advice with Florida Home Stager Kristy Craig Anderson | The Home Staging Show Podcast Season 10 Episode 2

On this episode of The Home Staging Show, I’m joined by the wonderful Kristy Craig Anderson of Dwell Staging to talk about staging luxury homes and working with a different type of client.

Kristy started Dwell Staging in 2014 with the goal to bring fresh, contemporary staging to the Tampa Bay area. Since its humble beginnings as a sole proprietorship, Dwell has grown into a 9,000 square foot warehouse with a talented team of 13 who stage hundreds of homes per year. Kristy’s work was featured on HGTV's "90 Day Dream Home" and "Container Homes", in House Trends and Luxury Homes Magazines, and in the Real Estate Book "From the Top".

Kristy and I talk about how she got into home staging as a second career and how she made the leap to start staging luxury homes. We chat about how to make luxury styling feel livable, the differences between working with your usual clients versus luxury clients, and how to make sure you’re making sound business decisions when trying out new markets. Kristy also shares her top tips for stagers and agents who want to stage and sell luxury homes in the most efficient, beautiful way possible.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Marketing Manager McCall Capozzi | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 2

I am really excited about having McCall on the show today. She is very good at breaking down ways to engage with your audience and grow your social media presence for your business. We also talked a lot about using videos to grow your engagement. During the show, McCall gave us a bunch of great and practical tips on how to get started on social media and using video if you are new to or is already familiar with social media but want to take it to the next level. 

On today’s show, I have McCall Capozzi, who was the Social Media Manager of RE/MAX Western Canada. I invited her on the show to talk about her work in real estate and how to use social media to build awareness for your real estate brand and business, and marketing your listings. McCall had some really tangible tips on what mistakes to avoid and how to incorporate your online marketing into your overall marketing strategies. She also talked about hashtag research, how much time you should spend on social media each week and what can you do if you are starting out or advanced in social media marketing.

How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants & Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click | The Home Staging Show Season 9 Episode 1

On this podcast episode, I am SO excited to have Anthea Click back. She is a total rockstar in the home staging industry and today’s episode is basically a master class on how to stage homes and build your home staging business! In this episode, we delved in deeper on her home staging business, on how she buys inventory, the costs of inventory, pricing and where to buy. We also talked about how she trains her stagers, how she learned how to stage and style interiors, plus her tricks on improving her home staging skills.